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Model 6010A Capacitance and Tan/Delta Testing Set

Performing dielectric loss measurements is a basic method of testing that effectively detects damp, and otherwise degraded insulation of electrical equipment. The Model 6010A is a Capacitance and Tan/Delta Test set that has been designed to be portable and simple to operate. It is perfectly suited to conduct a variety of insulation integrity tests on a broad range of electrical devices and cables.


Details about the Model 6010A Capacitance and Tan/Delta Testing Set

Specifications of the 6010A Capacitance and Tan/Delta Testing Set

Capacitance Range:
10kV <30,000pF
5kV <75,000pF
1kV <150,00pF
Accuracy: tan/delta ± (0.1% rdg + 0.4 % range) Cx: ± (1%rdg + 1.00pF)
Maximum Resolution: 0.0001pF
Tan/Delta Range: 0.001% resolution
Tan/Delta Test Current Range: 10uA-1A
Internal HV selectable voltage range: 0.1-10kV
Maximum Output Current: 200mA
Selectable Test Frequencies: 50Hz, 60Hz
Automatic, Dual Variable Frequencies:
45/55Hz, 47.5/52.5Hz, 57.5/62.5Hz, 55/65Hz
Power Supply: 120VAC 60Hz
Operating Environment:
148F to 1048F @≤90%RH


Automatically Displays: Capacitance, watt loss, power factor, test current and active power.

  • Selectable manual and automatic test methods
  • Internal high-speed microprocessor control
  • Integrated High-Voltage supply and reference capacitor
  • Stable readings, even in electrically noisy environments
  • Variable-frequency technology eliminates power frequency interference
  • High-voltage dielectric loss function
  • Integrated grounding detection feature

Supplied with manual, test cables, printer paper, power cord, spare fuse, two safety interlocks and accessory case.

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Basic 6010A use. Link to video on YouTube

Additional information

Weight 51 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 11.7 × 13 in