POWERTEST 2023 in Orlando, Florida

It was great to see old friends and to make new ones at POWERTEST in Orlando this spring. Hope you got to stop by for a hat, beer gauge, or just to talk about the new products.

If you couldn’t go, you missed our short presentation of the Model 800 Wireless HV Phase Tester. It is designed for use on power lines and in substations for measuring phase sequence and real-time phasing relationships. It employs a unique, interactive, hand-held interface that displays phasing, phase angle, frequency, and vector diagrams instantaneously and accurately.

There was also considerable interest in our Model 1100. It is a is a powerful, hand-held Micro-ohmmeter that delivers up to 100 amps of test current. Lightweight and extremely portable, it is perfectly suited to perform resistance measurements on circuit breakers, switch gear, bus connections, and a wide variety of testing applications. Equipped with a durable lithium battery power supply, the Model 1100 provides up to six hundred measurements when fully charged.

We look forward to seeing you all again soon.