Model 6010A is a breakthrough Capacitance and Tan/Delta Test

The 6010A is a price vs. performance breakthrough.  With a test current range of 10uA-1A and a Tan/Delta range of 0.001% resolution and a maximum output current of 200mA the Model 6010a has selectable manual and automatic test methods. The Model 6010A is a Capacitance and Tan/Delta Test set that is surprisingly portable and simple to operate. The Model 6010A automatically displays a maximum resolution of 0.0001pF the capacitance with a watt loss, power factor, test current and active power with an internal high-speed microprocessor control it is perfectly suited to conduct a variety of insulation integrity tests on a broad range of electrical devices and cables with stable readings, even in electrically noisy environments. The Model 6010A Tan Delta Test has an integrated grounding detection feature and a high-voltage dielectric loss function with an operating environment of 148F to 1048F @≤90%RH and a maximum output current of 200mA. This kit is supplied with a manual, test cables, printer paper, power cord, spare fuse, two safety interlocks and accessory case. See the YouTube video below for a short demonstration and contact us for a quote!

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